• Focus |

    The field of soft robotics aims to develop soft, compliant robots to interact with humans or to perform autonomous tasks. In this issue, our collection of articles looks in depth at bioinspired and other design concepts, soft materials, fabrication techniques, biomedical applications and the future challenges.
    Image: Lori K. Sanders, Michael Wehner, Ryan L. Truby
  • Collection |

    This collection of primary research articles, reviews and protocols focuses on an emerging topic of mechanobiology, highlighting the broad involvement of mechanical forces in different biological contexts, their roles in development, physiology and disease, and how these forces are sensed and transduced to produce biologically-relevant responses. The collection also showcases new technical approaches to modulate mechanobiology, which in the future could be used to control cell fate and behaviour for therapeutic benefits.
    Image: Vicky Summersby
  • Focus |

    In this Focus Issue, we explore the field of 2D materials with articles on their synthesis, fundamental properties, and the devices they enable. The challenges facing the commercialization of 2D materials, their adoption in biomedicine and other application areas are also discussed.