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Eleanor A. Power

March issue

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  • Article |

    Lefebvre et al. present behavioural and neural evidence showing that the ‘optimism bias’ is a manifestation of a general cognitive tendency for preferential learning from positive, compared with negative, outcomes.

    • Germain Lefebvre
    • , Maël Lebreton
    • , Florent Meyniel
    • , Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde
    •  & Stefano Palminteri
  • Letter |

    Using a large-scale analysis of publication records and a random-walk model, Jia and colleagues show that the evolution of scientists’ research interests throughout their careers is characterized by a regular and reproducible pattern.

    • Tao Jia
    • , Dashun Wang
    •  & Boleslaw K. Szymanski
  • Letter |

    When given time to deliberate in an economic game, individuals become less cooperative. Grossmann and colleagues show that players directed toward a third-person perspective reorientate from selfish to common goals and maintain cooperation.

    • Igor Grossmann
    • , Justin P. Brienza
    •  & D. Ramona Bobocel

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Volume 1 Issue 3

Image: Eleanor A. Power. Cover design: Samantha Whitham.

Volume 1 Issue 3

A woman lights an oil lamp to celebrate Deepavali, the Hindu festival of lights. On the night of the new moon in the Tamil month of Aippasi, Hindu families counter the dark by decorating their homes with kolams (geometric designs drawn with rice flour) and oil lamps, and setting off sparklers and fireworks. Performing such religious acts may help individuals build strong, trusting relationships with others.

See Power 1, 0057 (2017).

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