Molecular Psychiatry



The analysis of 51 genes in DSM-IV combined type attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: association signals in DRD4, DAT1 and 16 other genes

K Brookes, X Xu, W Chen, K Zhou, B Neale, N Lowe, R Aneey, B Franke, M Gill, R Ebstein, J Buitelaar, P Sham, D Campbell, J Knight, P Andreou, M Altink, R Arnold, F Boer, C Buschgens, L Butler, H Christiansen, L Feldman, K Fleischman, E Fliers, R Howe-Forbes, A Goldfarb, A Heise, I Gabriëls, I Korn-Lubetzki, R Marco, S Medad, R Minderaa, F Mulas, U Müller, A Mulligan, K Rabin, N Rommelse, V Sethna, J Sorohan, H Uebel, L Psychogiou, A Weeks, R Barrett, I Craig, T Banaschewski, E Sonuga-Barke, J Eisenberg, J Kuntsi, I Manor, P McGuffin, A Miranda, R D Oades, R Plomin, H Roeyers, A Rothenberger, J Sergeant, H-C Steinhausen, E Taylor, M Thompson, S V Faraone, P Asherson and L Johansson


Table 4. Table of literature findings for the 18 genes with one or more SNPs with nominal Pless than or equal to0.05 from this study

Paper Gene Polymorphism Location Finding in literature SNP array Finding from this study
Sheehan et al. 53 TPH2rs1843809Intron 5T-alleleYPositive but with opposite allele
  rs1386493Intron 5C-alleleYPositive but with opposite allele
  rs1386497Intron 8A-alleleNClusters with rs1007023 (r 2=1): Positive
  rs2129572Intron 4NSN 
  rs1023990Intron 7NSNClusters with rs1386491 (r 2=0.9): Negative
  rs1487278Intron 8NSN 
  rs1487275Intron 8NSYNegative
  rs1487279Intron 9NSN 
Walitza et al. 54  rs4570625Promoter (-703)G-alleleYNegative
  rs11178997Promoter (-473)T-alleleN 
  rs4565946Intron 2NSNClusters with rs4448731 (r 2=0.9): Negative
Brookes et al. 21 SYPrs22939453'UTRPositiveN 
Brookes et al. 55 FADSrs498793Intron 6PositiveYNegative
Mill et al. 50, 51 SNAP25MicrosatelliteIntron 1Positive 
  TG repeatPromoterPositive 
  G80609AIntron 7G-alleleN 
Brophy et al. 47  rs37465443'UTRNSN 
Barr et al. 48  rs37465443'UTRT-allele (T-C haplotype)N 
  rs10513123'UTRC-allele (T-C haplotype)N 
Kustanovich et al. 49  rs37465443'UTRT-alleleN 
  rs10513123'UTRT-C haplotypeN 
Kim et al. (unpublished) rs3787283Intron 6PositiveYNegative
  rs2327269outside genePositiveN 
Feng et al. 63  rs6039806Intron 2C-alleleYNegative
  rs362549Intron 4A-alleleN 
  rs362987Intron 4A-alleleYNegative
  rs362998Exon 5 aa 110C-alleleN 
  rs18891895' to geneNSYNegative
  rs3625695'UTRNSNClusters with rs6039806 (r 2=0.76): Negative
  rs362549Intron 3NSNClusters with rs362987 (r 2=0.84): Negative
  rs362986Intron 4NSN 
  rs363006Intron 6NSYNegative
Bobb et al. 38  Microsatellite5'UTRNS 
Domschke et al. 44 MAOA30 bp repeatPromoterPositive (short-allele) 
  CA repeatIntron 2Positive 
  G941TExon 8G-allele 
  A/GIntron 12NS 
Xu et al. 42 NETrs3785157Intron 7G-alleleNClusters with rs1861647 (r 2=0.93): Negative
  rs2242447Intron 13T-allele (trend)YNegative
  rs998424Intron 9g-allele (trend)N 
Bobb et al. 38  rs998424Intron 9G-alleleN 
  rs3785157Intron 7T-alleleNClusters with rs1861647 (r 2=0.93): Negative
Barr et al. 64  SNPExon 9NSN 
  rs998424Intron 9NSN 
  rs2242447Intron 13NSYNegative
McEvoy et al. 65  C1148AIntron 7NS 
  G1389AIntron 9NS 
Comings et al. 66  A1970G SNP Positive 
De Luca67  G1389AIntron 9NS 
Kent et al. 68  CHRNA4Cfol SNPExon 5Positive
Bobb et al. 38  rs6090384Intron 1 or 2NSYNegative
  rs2273505Intron 1 or 2NSN 
  rs2273506Exon 1 or 2NSYNegative
Comings et al. 69  DinucleotideIntron 1Positive 
Todd et al. 70  SNP5' Intron 2Positive (Inattent) 
Hawi et al. 39 DATrs6347Exon 9 P=0.22YPositive with WHAP: A-allele
  rs11564774Exon 15 P=0.7N 
Brookes et al. 31  rs401843'UTR P=0.22YPositive G-allele
  rs10420983'UTR P=0.121YPositive A-allele
  rs270723'UTR P=0.28YTrend with WHAP G-allele
  VNTR times 23'UTR-intron 810-3 haplotype 
Feng et al. 37  rs270723'UTRG-alleleYTrend with WHAP G-allele
  rs8179029Intron 9NSYNegative
Bobb et al. 38  rs6347Exon 9A-allele (trend)YPositive with WHAP A-allele
Rowe et al. 71 DRD2Taq1 Positive 
Comings et al. 72, 73  Taq1 Positive 
Todd and Lobos et al. 74  Screened NS 
Huang et al. 75  Taq1 NS 
Muglia et al. 76 DRD3Ser/GlyExon 1NS 
Payton et al. 56  A/GExon 1NS 
Barr et al. 77  Ser/GlyExon 1NS 
  MspIIntron 5NS 
Lowe et al. 40 DRD4rs1800955PromoterA-alleleN 
Payton et al. 56  rs1800955PromoterNSN 
Bellgrove et al. 41  rs1800955PromoterA-alleleN 
Barr et al. 62  rs1800955PromoterA-trendN 
Hawi et al. 57 DDC4 bp insertionExon 1Trend 
  Microsatellite3' P=0.04 
  Haplotype  P=0.025 
Comings et al. 78 DBHTaq1Intron 5NS 
Daly et al. 79  Taq1Intron 5A2-allele 
Wigg et al. 80  Taq1Intron 5A2-allele (trend) 
Roman et al. 81  Taq1Intron 5A2-allele 
Inkster et al. 82  Taq1Intron 5A2-allele (trend) 
Smith et al. 83  Taq1Intron 5A1-allele 
Zhang et al. 84  C-1021TPromoterTrend 
Zhang et al. 85  C-1021TPromoterPositive 
Eisenberg et al. 86 COMTrs4680Exon 2 aa 158Positive (Val)YNegative
Qian et al. 87  rs4680Exon 2 aa 158Positive (Met)YNegative
Bobb et al. 38  rs4680Exon 2 aa 158NSYNegative
Thapar et al. 88  rs4680Exon 2 aa 158Positive (Val)YNegative
Curran et al. 89 SERTrs1050565exon 12 aa 443 P=0.0045N 
  rs1487871Intron 3 P=0.033N 
  rs2020930Not in gene P=0.035Y 
  rs2020937UTR P=0.092N 
  rs2020942Intron 1 P=0.079YNegative
  rs140701Intron 7 P=0.013YNegative
  T/G SNP3'UTR P=0.13 
Kent et al. 90  T/G SNP3'UTRT-allele 
Li et al. 91 HTR2Ars6313Exon 1 aa 34C-alleleYNegative
Bobb et al. 38  rs6313Exon 1 aa 34NSYNegative
  rs6314Exon 3 aa 452NSYNegative
Hawi et al. 92 HTR1Brs6296 G-alleleYNegative
Quist et al. 93  rs6296 G-alleleYNegative
Bobb et al. 38  rs6296Exon 1 aa 287NSYNegative
  rs6298Exon 1 aa 43TrendYNegative
Li et al. 94  rs6296  P=0.052YNegative
Bobb et al. 38 HTR2Crs6318 NSYNegative
Li et al. 95  C-759T C-allele 
  G-697C G-allele 

 The table tabulates the author, reference, gene, rs number is known and gene location. SNP array Y=SNPs included in the Illumina array. Findings in the literature list nominal significant associations with risk allele identified whether possible, NS=nonsignificant, positive=significant but associated allele unknown. Findings from this study are listed in the last column.