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Mucosal Immunology is the official publication of the Society of Mucosal Immunology (SMI). It aims to provide a forum for both basic and clinical scientists to discuss all aspects of immunity and inflammation involving mucosal tissues. The journal reflects the interests of scientists studying gastrointestinal, pulmonary, nasopharyngeal, oral, ocular, and genitourinary immunology through the publication of original research articles, scholarly reviews, and timely commentaries, editorials and letters.

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Volume 10, No 5
September 2017

ISSN: 1933-0219
EISSN: 1935-3456

2016 Impact Factor 7.478*
19/150 Immunology

Brian Kelsall, MD

*2016 Journal Citation Reports® Science Edition (Clarivate Analytics, 2017)


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We are all saddend by the passing of one of our dear colleagues, Per Brandtzaeg. Per was a pioneer and a true leader in the field of mucosal immunology with a lifetime of accomplishment and contributions to the international scientific community. He was passionate about understanding the mucosal immune system, in particular the induction and function of IgA in humans, and made seminal contributions to this field. He was a founding member of the Society for Mucosal Immunology, and was active and engaging throughout his long life--in 2015 gave a superb opening lecture at the ICMI 2015 Mucosal Immunology Course. He was warm and engaging, always with questions and ideas. We will miss Per dearly. Read the full obituary here.

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23 September 2017