Original Article

Citation: Light: Science & Applications (2017) 6, e17027; doi:10.1038/lsa.2017.27
Published online 11 August 2017

Multifunctional interleaved geometric-phase dielectric metasurfaces

Elhanan Maguid1, Igor Yulevich1, Michael Yannai1, Vladimir Kleiner1, Mark L Brongersma2 and Erez Hasman1

  1. 1Micro and Nanooptics Laboratory, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute, Technion—Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa 32000, Israel
  2. 2Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials, Stanford University, 476 Lomita Mall, Stanford, CA 94305, USA

Correspondence: E Hasman, Email: mehasman@technion.ac.il

Received 26 October 2016; Revised 16 February 2017; Accepted 23 February 2017
Accepted article preview online 24 February 2017



Shared-aperture technology for multifunctional planar systems, performing several simultaneous tasks, was first introduced in the field of radar antennas. In photonics, effective control of the electromagnetic response can be achieved by a geometric-phase mechanism implemented within a metasurface, enabling spin-controlled phase modulation. The synthesis of the shared-aperture and geometric-phase concepts facilitates the generation of multifunctional metasurfaces. Here shared-aperture geometric-phase metasurfaces were realized via the interleaving of sparse antenna sub-arrays, forming Si-based devices consisting of multiplexed geometric-phase profiles. We study the performance limitations of interleaved nanoantenna arrays by means of a Wigner phase-space distribution to establish the ultimate information capacity of a metasurface-based photonic system. Within these limitations, we present multifunctional spin-dependent dielectric metasurfaces, and demonstrate multiple-beam technology for optical rotation sensing. We also demonstrate the possibility of achieving complete real-time control and measurement of the fundamental, intrinsic properties of light, including frequency, polarization and orbital angular momentum.


geometric phase; metasurface; multifunctional; shared aperture; spectropolarimetry; spin-optics; Wigner distribution