Novel polymers for photonics

The capabilities of polymers have grown explosively in the last decade, and an increasingly wide palette of these materials with ever-expanding functionality is now available to researchers in a myriad of fields. Photonics is no exception, and recent years have seen polymers creatively employed in very diverse optical applications. The LSA papers in this web focus provide three diverse examples: polymers for the realization of photonic-molecule lasers; deformable lenses with tunable aberrations; and nanofibers which allow new opportunities for manipulation of light at the nanoscale.



Advanced photonic integrated circuits

Photonic integrated circuits use light rather than electrons to perform a wide variety of optical functions. Recent developments in nanostructures, metamaterials, and silicon technologies have expanded the range of possible functionalities for these highly integrated optical chips. We focus here on a selection of these, showing how fundamental work in areas such as transformation optics and materials technologies could lead to new functionality for photonic integrated circuits.