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Editorial Offices

The LSA editorial office in Changchun
Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics
Chinese Academy of Sciences
No. 3888 Dong Nan Hu Road
Changchun 130033
Tel: +86 431 8617 6851
Fax: +86 431 8461 3409

Prof. Yuhong Bai, Managing Director,

Ms. Jin Cao, Content Management,

Dr. Wei Chang, Manager, Manuscript tracking,

Ms. Chenzi Guo, Manager, Journal Development and Editorial Coordination,

Shujun Li, Content Management,

Dr. Yaobiao Li, Manager, Content Management,

Ms. Zile Li, Content Management,

Dr. Jian Ma, Content Management,

Dr. Shuping Wang, Content Management,

Jingze Yuan, Content Management,

Dr. Ying Zhang, Content Management,

Dr. Guang Zhang, Content Management,

The LSA Editorial Office in Beijing
Peng Xi, Manager, Column Editor,
Address: Room 2513, West Ziyuan Building, No. 46 Haidian Road, Beijing 100871, China
Tel: +86-10-62767155

The LSA Editorial Office in Rochester
Chunlei Guo, Manager, Content Management,
Address: 275 Hutchison Road, Rochester, NY 14627-0186
Tel: 001-(585) 275-2134; Fax: 001-(585) 244-4936

The LSA Editorial Office in Shanghai
Rongjun Zhang, Manager, Content Management,
Sven Friedl, Manager, Content Management,
Address: Fudan University, Genetics Building Room 229, 220 Handan Road,
Yangpu District, Shanghai 200433, China

The LSA Editorial Office in Singapore
Minghui Hong, Manager, Content Management,
Lianwei Chen, Content Management,
Address: National University of Singapore, Department of Electrical &
Computer Engineering, Laser Microprocessing Laboratory. E3 #02-06, 2
Engineering Drive 3, Singapore 117581

The LSA Editorial Office in Sydney
Dayong Jin, Manager, Content Management,
Address: University of Technology Sydney, Sydney City Campus - Level 5, Building 4 (CB04.05.319), Ultimo, NSW 2007, Australia
Tel:+61 433 875 470

The LSA Editorial Office in Tainan
Yen-Hsun Su, Media Management,
Address: Cheng Kung University