Licensed content

Licensed content

Since 2007, NPG's definition of licensed content associated with a site license is 'all content published during the site license supply period'. Post-cancellation rights apply to all licensed content. This applies to all NPG publications.

With a site license, customers are also granted access to a specified archive that generally includes the four years of content preceding the license supply period. These associated years are not available upon cancellation of the license. However, customers wishing to secure ongoing access or build a complete online archive back to the launch issue can purchase archive content as individual or multiple years. Post-cancellation rights apply to all purchased content. Contact your local sales representative for a price quote.

Please see this chart for an illustrated overview of the archives available for each NPG journal. Select the tabs along the bottom of the worksheets.

Customers with a site license starting before 2007 may have rights to additional archived content.

Customers can check the amount of content associated with their site license by accessing their site license administration account. Your local sales representative will also be able to advise you.

Content associated with a site license

A site license provides access to:

  • All editorial content published by the licensed publication within the dates outlined in the 'supply period' on the license agreement.
  • All supplements, Insight, Focus Issues, Web Focuses and additional information published in print or online by the licensed publication within the 'supply period'.
  • All supplementary information supplied by the author(s) and published online within the dates outlined in licensed material on the license agreement.