The Open Archives Initiative (OAI) Metadata Harvesting Protocol (PMH) provides an interoperability framework for networked digital repositories to exchange metadata records on their holdings. Such metadata typically includes bibliographic-type descriptions of repository items, such as title, authors and other identifying information.

Nature.com supports OAI-PMH. Metadata for all the articles published on nature.com is available via its OAI-PMH service.

Technical information

Nature.com supports OAI-PMH protocol version 2.0.

A user forms interface to the nature.com's OAI-PMH service is available at:

The base URL for nature.com's OAI-PMH service is:

An alternate OAI-PMH service is available for Nature Precedings. The base URL for the Nature Precedings OAI-PMH service is:

Both OAI-PMH services have been validated and entered into the OAI-PMH Registered Data Providers directory.

Metadata formats

Metadata for all articles on nature.com is available in Dublin Core format ('oai_dc'), and also in PRISM Aggregator Message ('pam') format. Further details on these metadata formats are available here:


Note that only Dublin Core is supported for the Nature Precedings OAI-PMH service.


Each journal published on nature.com is defined as a 'set' within the nature.com OAI-PMH service.

Each subject area in Nature Precedings is defined as a 'set' within the Nature Precedings OAI-PMH service.


Datetime granularity on the nature.com OAI-PMH service is set at day level, e.g. '2001-01-01'.

The earliest record in the nature.com repository is dated '1869-11-04'.


Responses from the nature.com OAI-PMH service are unordered and are capped at 500 records in each single result set. Additional records can be retrieved by submitting a resumption token. Resumption tokens have a lifetime of 24 hours.

Compression of responses is managed by sending an appropriate HTTP 'Accept-Encoding' header , e.g.

    Accept-Encoding: gzip;q=1.0, identity;q=0.5

The two compression formats supported are 'gzip ' and 'deflate'.

Further information

General information can be found at the Open Archives Initiative website.


Please address any specific queries about use of the nature.com OAI-PMH repository interface to interfaces@nature.com.