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Nature archive PastCasts

The Nature PastCast is a podcast series telling the stories behind some of the biggest papers in Nature's archive. Each month for a year, the PastCast will explore Nature's back catalogue, setting in context key moments in the history of science – and rooting out some of the quirkier reports from the journal – with the help of scientists and historians.

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January 1896: On a new type of ray

December 1920: The Quantum Theory

November 1869: Nature is born

October 1993: Could there be life on other planets?

September 1963: Plate Tectonics

August 1975: Monoclonal antibodies: from basic science to blockbuster medicine

July 1942: WW2 Radar Design

June 1876: The arrival of the first Gorilla in Europe

May 1985: The discovery of a hole in the ozone layer

April 1953: The structure of DNA