How to activate your site license

It is your responsibility to set up a site license administration account and to activate licensed publications.

NPG will send a confirmation e-mail within three working days of completing your sales transaction to the administrator listed on the license agreement. This e-mail contains the license ID you need for starting your site license administration account and for activating your licensed content. You may receive multiple e-mails. If you have not received this email, please contact customer services.

How to set up a site license administration account

Go to site license administration account and select 'Register now'

Enter your License ID from the email sent by NPG.

Follow the 4 steps to complete all the information required:

  • Account details
  • IP ranges
  • E-alerts
  • Confirm details

These instructions can also be downloaded in PDF format:

PDF How to activate a new site license account (PDF, 383K)

How to activate your licensed publications

Log into your site license administration account.

Select the tab for 'Licenses'.

Enter the license ID from all emails sent by NPG to activate the associated content.

If you experience any difficulties, please contact customer services.

IP addresses

An IP address is the numeric address of a computer connected to the Internet. The IP address is sometimes also known as the Internet address. The IP address (like a postal address) lets websites and routers (internet delivery machines - like postmen) know where to send requested pages. On most networks, each computer has its own IP address. All IP addresses contain 4 numeric segments, separated by periods. A segment is either a number, an asterisk (wildcard), or a range specified by a dash (-). See example below. An IP address is not the same as a domain name or an email address.

How many IP addresses can I use?

To activate your online subscription(s), you will need to enter those IP addresses which both uniquely identify the eligible machines on your network and allow access only to authorized users of your subscription. For an institutional subscription, we limit access to one class B IP address range, or multiple class C IP address range. You can add as many IP addresses or class C IP address ranges to your registration, provided you do not exceed this limit, or exceed the scope of access as defined in the Site License Agreement.

Proxy servers / firewalls

Some institutions use proxy servers to network their environment. A proxy server is a computer with a single IP address, which handles all internet traffic for a number of individual computers within an organisation. A firewall is like a proxy server, with special software designed to protect the organisation from hackers and viruses. We permit the use of proxy server IP addresses on your registration, provided they serve only computers within your organisation, and they abide by all terms set out in the site license agreement.

What if I don't want to use IP addresses for access?

We protect the information (including IP addresses) in your registration, and do not give out or publish organisations' IP addresses in any way. If you have any concerns please contact Customer Support.

Private IP address ranges

Some IP addresses have been reserved for internal networks, and cannot be used to access the global internet. We will not allow these IP addresses to be used to access our website.

Please make sure you've correctly identified ALL the required IP addresses. Those using addresses not registered will not have access to the journals.

How to add IP information to an online account

NB: Please enter the IP addresses in the following manner:

Single address (proxy server): e.g. as follows:


Consecutive ranges of addresses: e.g. - or 123.123.123-124.* as follows:


Once you have entered all the required IP addresses or ranges click " I have no more IP ranges to enter." Any remaining subscription numbers should be entered at this time. If there are no more to add, click " I have no more licenses to claim".

You will then be presented with a summary of your online account.

Should you require assistance with your registration, please contact the relevant customer services department:

E-mail -
tel +1 1 800 221 2123

Asia Pacific
E-mail -
tel +81 3 3267 8769

Rest of world
E-mail -
tel +44(0)20 7843 4759

Token Based Access

Token Based Access is an alternate way to access our journals without IP addresses. This method of access is a solution for customers who have dynamic IP addresses or who do not have a proxy server (for remote access). Access via Tokens works via a combination of a unique URL and Magic Word. The URL/Magic Word combination can be used at any computer and does not require IP authentication.

How do I set up Token Based Access for my institution?

  1. When you set up your administration account, skip the IP entering page.
  2. Contact customer services to discuss your access requirements and to see if Tokens is right for your institution.
  3. After receiving your confirmation, customer services will activate Token Based access on your site license adminstrative account.
  4. Log into your site license adminstrative account, click the "Tokens" tab, and then click "modify" to see a prompt to set the "magic word".
  5. After a "magic word" is entered, a Token URL will automatically generate.
  6. It's the librarian's responsibility to tell their users what the magic word and unique URL are.
  7. Users will go to the URL and get prompted for the magic word. Once the magic word is entered, the user's browser is authenticated and they may browse and access their journals.

If your institution already has a site license administration account and needs Tokens Based Access, then please contact customer service.

Will Token Based Access be included in my usage reports?
Yes. When your institution has both Token Based Access and IP access with your account, access via both methods will show up in the same suite of reports.