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    The therapeutic effects of CP-25 on experimental Sjögren’s syndrome has been shown to be associated with the inhibition of the JAK1-STAT1/2-CXCL13 signaling pathway in HSGEC, which impedes the migration of B cells into the salivary gland. The study provides an experimental foundation for CP-25 as a potential drug in the treatment of human autoimmune disorder, Sjögren’s syndrome.

    • Huaxun Wu
    • , Xiaoyun Chen
    • , Fang Gu
    • , Pengying Zhang
    • , Shixia Xu
    • , Qi Liu
    • , Qiaolin Zhang
    • , Xinming Wang
    • , Chun Wang
    • , Heinrich Körner
    •  & Wei Wei
  • Technical Report |

    Liquid biopsy is a novel promising, but technically challenging tool in oncology. We compared various circulating DNA extraction and sequencing systems used within four Swiss laboratories. Results were highly congruent, with perfect sensitivity down to 1% mutation frequency. We also determined several key factors to validate when implementing such tests.

    • Thibaud Koessler
    • , Viola Paradiso
    • , Salvatore Piscuoglio
    • , Ronny Nienhold
    • , Liza Ho
    • , Yann Christinat
    • , Luigi M. Terracciano
    • , Gieri Cathomas
    • , Andreas Wicki
    • , Thomas A. McKee
    •  & Thierry Nouspikel
  • Article
    | Open Access

    The authors demonstrate that cholestasis impairs hepatic lipid storage via AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) and CREB signaling in hepatitis B virus surface protein transgenic mice. The pharmacological modulation of AMPK and CREB signaling might be a promising therapeutic concept for the treatment of fatty liver diseases.

    • Karuna Irungbam
    • , Martin Roderfeld
    • , Hannah Glimm
    • , Felix Hempel
    • , Franziska Schneider
    • , Laura Hehr
    • , Dieter Glebe
    • , Yuri Churin
    • , Gertrud Morlock
    • , Imanuel Yüce
    •  & Elke Roeb
  • Article |

    MiR-126-5p expression decreases abdominal aorta dilation in mice with Ang II-induced abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA), and its agomirs limit experimental AAA formation. MiR-126-5p inhibits Ang II- and PDGF-BB-induced dedifferentiation of aortic smooth muscle cells (AoSMCs) in vitro. MiR-126-5p promotes contractile switching of AoSMCs exposed to Ang II by targeting VEPH1.

    • Xiaofeng Shi
    • , Wei Ma
    • , Yongquan Pan
    • , Yongqi Li
    • , Han Wang
    • , Shuang Pan
    • , Yu Tian
    • , Caiming Xu
    •  & Lei Li
  • Article |

    This study reports novel pro-tumorigenic functions for CD38 in cancer associated fibroblasts (CAFs). In vivo, CAF CD38 promotes melanoma expansion. Mechanistically, CD38 enhances CAF migration towards cancer cells as well as tumor cell migration and invasion. Further, CD38 enables de novo endothelial tube formation by upregulating angiogenic transcripts and pro-angiogenic secreted factors.

    • Bar Ben Baruch
    • , Einav Mantsur
    • , Janusz Franco-Barraza
    • , Eran Blacher
    • , Edna Cukierman
    •  & Reuven Stein
  • Article
    | Open Access

    Proteomic profiling may contribute to the analysis and classification of cancer. The authors applied the digital western blot technique DigiWest with a panel of 102 proteins and phosphoproteins in combination with a machine learning algorithm to classify the tissue origin of five common cancer types in fresh frozen and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue. DigiWest profiling represents a valuable method for cancer classification, yielding conclusive and decisive data, thus making this approach attractive for routine clinical applications.

    • Teresa Bockmayr
    • , Gerrit Erdmann
    • , Denise Treue
    • , Philipp Jurmeister
    • , Julia Schneider
    • , Anja Arndt
    • , Daniel Heim
    • , Michael Bockmayr
    • , Christoph Sachse
    •  & Frederick Klauschen

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