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22 March 2017
Introducing Therioepistemology: the study of how knowledge is gained from animal research
Joseph P Garner, Brianna N Gaskill, Elin M Weber, Jamie Ahloy-Dallaire & Kathleen R Pritchett-Corning

22 March 2017
Microbiota and reproducibility of rodent models
Craig L Franklin & Aaron C Ericsson

22 March 2017
Side effects of pain and analgesia in animal experimentation
Paulin Jirkof

22 March 2017
The role of the IACUC in ensuring research reproducibility
Jerald Silverman, James Macy & Patricia A Preisig



22 March 2017
A license to cure?
Cathleen Lutz

22 March 2017
More than 3Rs: the importance of scientific validity for harm-benefit analysis of animal research
Hanno Würbel

22 March 2017
Swine models, genomic tools and services to enhance our understanding of human health and diseases
Eric M Walters, Kevin D Wells, Elizabeth C Bryda, Susan Schommer & Randall S Prather


  • Our increasing knowledge of the factors influencing disease model outcomes will help improve the reproducibility and translation of in vivo data. But, implementing changes will require better integration of efforts between the lab and the vivarium.