The ISME Journal TOP TEN

The top ten charts the articles that have been downloaded most often over the previous 15 days, in HTML and PDF format, from the The ISME Journal website. The chart does not rank the quality, scientific significance or citation impact of the content. However, it may bring articles to your attention that you might not have otherwise noticed. We hope you enjoy them.

  1. Exact sequence variants should replace operational taxonomic units in marker-gene data analysis open

    Benjamin J Callahan, Paul J McMurdie & Susan P Holmes


  2. Warming enhances old organic carbon decomposition through altering functional microbial communities open

    Lei Cheng, Naifang Zhang, Mengting Yuan, Jing Xiao, Yujia Qin, Ye Deng, Qichao Tu, Kai Xue, Joy D Van Nostrand, Liyou Wu, Zhili He, Xuhui Zhou, Mary Beth Leigh, Konstantinos T Konstantinidis, Edward AG Schuur, Yiqi Luo, James M Tiedje & Jizhong Zhou


  3. Cohesion: a method for quantifying the connectivity of microbial communities open

    Cristina M Herren & Katherine D McMahon


  4. A genomic perspective on stoichiometric regulation of soil carbon cycling open

    Wyatt H Hartman, Rongzhong Ye, William R Horwath & Susannah G Tringe


  5. Metagenomic binning of a marine sponge microbiome reveals unity in defense but metabolic specialization open

    Beate M Slaby, Thomas Hackl, Hannes Horn, Kristina Bayer & Ute Hentschel


  6. Potential for microbial H2 and metal transformations associated with novel bacteria and archaea in deep terrestrial subsurface sediments open

    Alex W Hernsdorf, Yuki Amano, Kazuya Miyakawa, Kotaro Ise, Yohey Suzuki, Karthik Anantharaman, Alexander Probst, David Burstein, Brian C Thomas & Jillian F Banfield


  7. Microbial survival strategies in ancient permafrost: insights from metagenomics open

    Rachel Mackelprang, Alexander Burkert, Monica Haw, Tara Mahendrarajah, Christopher H Conaway, Thomas A Douglas & Mark P Waldrop


  8. Ultra-high-throughput microbial community analysis on the Illumina HiSeq and MiSeq platforms open

    J Gregory Caporaso, Christian L Lauber, William A Walters, Donna Berg-Lyons, James Huntley, Noah Fierer, Sarah M Owens, Jason Betley, Louise Fraser, Markus Bauer, Niall Gormley, Jack A Gilbert, Geoff Smith & Rob Knight


  9. Uncultivated microbes in need of their own taxonomy

    Konstantinos T Konstantinidis, Ramon Rosselló-Móra & Rudolf Amann


  10. Unusual metabolic diversity of hyperalkaliphilic microbial communities associated with subterranean serpentinization at The Cedars

    Shino Suzuki, Shun'ichi Ishii, Tatsuhiko Hoshino, Amanda Rietze, Aaron Tenney, Penny L Morrill, Fumio Inagaki, J Gijs Kuenen & Kenneth H Nealson