Genetic origin, admixture and population history of aurochs (Bos primigenius) and primitive European cattle

M R Upadhyay, W Chen, J A Lenstra, C R J Goderie, D E MacHugh, S D E Park, D A Magee, D Matassino, F Ciani, H-J Megens, J A M van Arendonk, M A M Groenen, European Cattle Genetic Diversity Consortium  and RPMA Crooijmans 


Figure 1.

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Native origin of sampled cattle breeds used in the population genetic analyses. Colours and shape refer to the geographic region of the breeds in the Europe (light green: British and Irish region breeds, light blue: Dutch region breeds, light yellow: Alpine breeds, light pink: Iberian region breed, lavender: Balkan-Italian breeds and dark yellow: Jersey breed). Breed abbreviations: AL, Alentejana; AN, Angler; AR, Arouquesa; AU, Aurochs; BC, Berrenda en Colorado; BK, Boskarin; BN, Berrenda en Negro; BS, Brown Swiss; BU, Busha; CA, Cardena; CC, Cachea; CH, Chianina; CL, Caldelana; DB, Dutch Belted; DF, Dutch Friesian; EL, English Longhorn; FL, Fleckvieh; GA, Galloway; GW, Groningen Whiteheaded; HE, Heck; HF, Holstein Friesian; HL, Highland; JE, Jersey; KC, Kerry cattle; LI, Lidia; LM, Limia; MA, Maremmana; MI, Mirandesa; MRY, Meuse Rhine Issel; MN, Maronesa; MT, Maltese; NE, Nelore; PA, Pajuna; PO, Podolica; RO, Romenian Grey; SA, Sayaguesa; TU, Tudanca; WP, White Park.