Gene Therapy TOP TEN

The top ten charts the articles that have been downloaded most often over the previous 15 days, in HTML and PDF format, from the Gene Therapy website. The chart does not rank the quality, scientific significance or citation impact of the content. However, it may bring articles to your attention that you might not have otherwise noticed. We hope you enjoy them.

  1. Gene therapy for cystic fibrosis: an example for lung gene therapy free

    U Griesenbach, D M Geddes & E W F W Alton


  2. Gene therapy progress and prospects: Ultrasound for gene transfer free

    C M H Newman & T Bettinger


  3. Manufacturing and characterizing AAV-based vectors for use in clinical studies free

    J F Wright


  4. Adverse effects of gene therapy: Gene therapy can cause leukaemia: no shock, mild horror but a probe free

    M E Gore


  5. Optimization of adeno-associated virus vector-mediated gene transfer to the respiratory tract free

    F Kurosaki, R Uchibori, N Mato, Y Sehara, Y Saga, M Urabe, H Mizukami, Y Sugiyama & A Kume


  6. In vivo gene therapy potentials of CRISPR-Cas9 free

    H-Y Xue, X Zhang, Y Wang, L Xiaojie, W-J Dai & Y Xu


  7. Use of animals in experimental research: an ethical dilemma? free

    V Baumans


  8. Live-cell imaging to compare the transfection and gene silencing efficiency of calcium phosphate nanoparticles and a liposomal transfection agent open

    S Chernousova & M Epple


  9. Multiple gene products from a single vector: ‘self-cleaving’ 2A peptides free

    PA Radcliffe & KA Mitrophanous


  10. Deletion of the GAA repeats from the human frataxin gene using the CRISPR-Cas9 system in YG8R-derived cells and mouse models of Friedreich ataxia free

    D L Ouellet, K Cherif, J Rousseau & J P Tremblay