Volume 31, Issue S1 (May 2017)

Action on diabetic macular oedema (DMO)

2 September 2016, London, UK

This publication and the expert advisory group meeting on which the paper is based were sponsored by Bayer to explore and discuss multidisciplinary practice initiatives and developments in the management of diabetic eye disease.

Advisory Group: Action on DMO group


Development of this publication was sponsored by Bayer UK plc. All authors contributed to the development and finalisation of the manuscript and retained full control of the editorial content. Medical writing and research assistance was provided independently to the Action on DMO group, a service funded by Bayer and provided by Rod McNeil Associates.



Action on diabetic macular oedema: achieving optimal patient management in treating visual impairment due to diabetic eye disease Open

R Gale, P H Scanlon, M Evans, F Ghanchi, Y Yang, G Silvestri, M Freeman, A Maisey and J Napier

Eye 31: S1-S20; doi:10.1038/eye.2017.53