Judging Panel

Three judging panels will be responsible for shortlisting candidates and then selecting the recipient for each of the three grants. Each judging panel consists of both professional editors from the Communications journals and practising scientists who serve as Editorial Board Members at the journals. 

Communications Biology panel

Katie DavisDr Katie Davis, University of York, UK
Dr Davis's research operates at the interface of Earth and Life Sciences. She is particularly interested in the effects of past climate change on life on Earth and how we can use the geological record to understand, and predict, the effects of present day climate change on the biota.

Giorgios GiamasProf. Georgios Giamas, University of Sussex, UK
Prof Giamas specialises in cell signalling. His research focuses on the identification and elucidation of the role of proteins implicated in the progression of cancer and the development of novel therapeutic targets.

Jung-Eun LeeDr Jung-Eun Lee, Communications Biology
Dr Lee is an Associate Editor at Nature Research. Before becoming an editor her research focussed upon aging and the mechanisms by which protein restriction regulates innate immunity in Drosphila.

Dominique MorneauDr Dominique Morneau, Communications Biology
Dr Morneau is a Senior Editor at Nature Research. Before becoming an editor her research focussed upon amino acid biosynthesis and regulation in legumes.

Si Ming ManDr Si Ming Man, Australian National University, Australia
Dr Man's research focuses on innate immunity in the host defence against infectious diseases and the development of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Michel ThiebeltDr Michel Thiebaut, Brain Connectivity and Behaviour Lab, France
Dr Thiebaut conduts research on white matter anatomy, brain evolution, brain disconnections and new brain-behaviour associations.

Communications Chemistry panel

BatchelorDr Luke Batchelor, Communications Chemistry
Dr Batchelor is a Chief Editor at Nature Research. He previously conducted research in inorganic chemistry before moving to his role as editor where he handles papers across a range of topics in chemistry and materials science. 

DongareDr Prateek Dongare, Communications Chemistry
Dr Dongare is an Associate Editor at Nature Research. Before becoming an editor his research focused on proton-coupled electron transfer reactions, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, and fabrication of dye-sensitised photoelectrosynthesis cells.

KatsonisDr Nathalie Katsonis, University of Twente, The Netherlands
Dr Katsonis leads a research group dedicated to the design and synthesis of life-inspired molecular systems and materials.

KawamuraDr Akane Kawamura, University of Oxford, UK
Dr Kawamura's research focuses on the use of chemical biology approaches to understanding the molecular mechanisms of epigenetic regulation.

LuDr Jun Lu, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
Dr Lu's research interests encompass electrochemical energy storage and conversion technology, with his main focus on energy technologies beyond the lithium ion battery.

Communications Physics panel

BelsoleDr Elena Belsole, Communications Physics
Dr Belsole is a Chief Editor at Nature Research. Before becoming an editor she conducted research on X-ray astrophysics.

El-GanainyDr Ramy El-Ganainy, Michigan Technological University, USA
Dr El-Ganainy's research interests include quantum-inspired symmetries in optics, many-body effects with photons, non-Hermitian physics and complex systems.

HillDr Heather Hill, Communications Physics
Dr Hill is an Associate Editor at Nature Research. Before becoming an editor her research focused upon the effects of dimensionality on the formation and optical signatures of the change density wave state in metals with layered structures.

PirandolaDr Stefano Pirandola, University of York, UK
Dr Pirandola's main research interests are in the areas of quantum communication, cryptography and sensing, for which he has established ultimate theoretical limits besides designing practical technological implementations.

YiDr Ming Yi, University of California, Berkley, USA
Dr Yi is an experimental condensed matter physicist who is broadly interested in discovering, understanding, and creating emergent phenomena in quantum materials.

Prior to the full assessment process all applications will be read by our editorial steering group to ensure that they meet our eligibility criteria for consideration. For more information on these criteria please visit out about page.

The members of the editorial steering group are Dr Jung-Eun Lee, Dr Dominique Morneau, Dr Luke Batchelor, Dr Prateek Dongare, Dr Elena Belsole and Dr Heather Hill.