Cancer Gene Therapy



Silencing of the IGF1R gene enhances sensitivity to DNA-damaging agents in both PTEN wild-type and mutant human prostate cancer

Mark A Rochester, Johann Riedemann, Giles O Hellawell, Simon F Brewster and Valentine M Macaulay


Figure 1.

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IGF1R siRNAs induce profound IGF1R knockdown in human prostate cancer cells. (a) Prostate cancer cells were transfected with 200 nM siRNA R1 homologous to the IGF1R gene or inverted sequence control. Total cell lysates were analyzed by immunoblotting, showing relative IGF1R levels 48 hours after transfection. Similar results were obtained with siRNA R4. (b) IGF1R protein levels in cultures 48 hours after transfection with either siRNA R1 or R4. IGF1R levels were corrected for loading differences, and expressed as percentage of levels in cultures treated with inverted (R1) or scrambled (R4) sequence control duplex. Bars show meanplusminusSEM IGF1R levels from three independent experiments. (c) Time scale of IGF1R downregulation in DU145. Cells were transfected with siRNA R1 and lysed 1−8 days later. IGF1R levels were corrected for loading and plotted as percentage of the level in untransfected cells.