Bone Marrow Transplantation



Mucosal microvilli in dry eye patients with chronic GVHD

Y Tatematsu, Y Ogawa, S Shimmura, M Dogru, S Yaguchi, T Nagai, K Yamazaki, K Kameyama, S Okamoto, Y Kawakami and K Tsubota


Figure 3.

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Abnormal distribution of secretory vesicles and OSG of the apical mucosal epithelia in cGVHD. Immunohistochemical staining for MUC1 of conjunctival epithelial sections, from a patient with cGVHD (a, b), SS (c), and a normal subject (d). The layer of MUC1 staining in the cGVHD conjunctiva was extremely thin (a) or absent (b) compared with the SS (c) and normal conjunctiva (d). Similar to the MUC1 staining, the MUC4+ and MUC16 + protein layer was extremely thin or absent in the cGVHD samples (e, h). The MUC4+ and MUC16+ layer was thicker in the SS (c, f and i) and normal samples (d, g and j) than that in the cGVHD samples (a, b, e and h). In the control group, thick diffuse MUC1, MUC4, and MUC16+ OSG staining was present (d, g and j). Original magnification: (ad) × 630 and (ej) × 200.