BJC Top ten articles

This top ten charts the articles that have been downloaded most often, in HTML or PDF format, from the BJC website recently. The chart does not rank the quality, scientific significance or citation impact of the content. However, it may bring articles to your attention that you might not have otherwise noticed. We hope you enjoy them.

  1. External validation of an online nomogram in patients undergoing radical nephroureterectomy for upper urinary tract urothelial carcinoma open

    J H Ku, K C Moon, J H Jung, S H Jeong, C Kwak & H H Kim


  2. PARP inhibitors: the race is on open

    Jessica S Brown, Stan B Kaye & Timothy A Yap


  3. Efficacy of anti-PD-1 therapy in patients with melanoma brain metastases free

    Sagun Parakh, John J Park, Shehara Mendis, Rajat Rai, Wen Xu, Serigne Lo, Martin Drummond, Catherine Rowe, Annie Wong, Grant McArthur, Andrew Haydon, Miles C Andrews, Jonathan Cebon, Alex Guminski, Richard F Kefford, Georgina V Long, Alexander M Menzies, Oliver Klein & Matteo S Carlino


  4. Guidelines for the use of cell lines in biomedical research open

    R J Geraghty, A Capes-Davis, J M Davis, J Downward, R I Freshney, I Knezevic, R Lovell-Badge, J R W Masters, J Meredith, G N Stacey, P Thraves & M Vias


  5. Tumour heterogeneity poses a significant challenge to cancer biomarker research open

    Karolina Cyll, Elin Ersvær, Ljiljana Vlatkovic, Manohar Pradhan, Wanja Kildal, Marte Avranden Kjær, Andreas Kleppe, Tarjei S Hveem, Birgitte Carlsen, Silje Gill, Sven Löffeler, Erik Skaaheim Haug, Håkon Wæhre, Prasanna Sooriakumaran & Håvard E Danielsen


  6. Guidelines for the welfare and use of animals in cancer research open

    P Workman, E O Aboagye, F Balkwill, A Balmain, G Bruder, D J Chaplin, J A Double, J Everitt, D A H Farningham, M J Glennie, L R Kelland, V Robinson, I J Stratford, G M Tozer, S Watson, S R Wedge, S A Eccles &


  7. A pilot clinical study of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol in patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme free

    M Guzmán, M J Duarte, C Blázquez, J Ravina, M C Rosa, I Galve-Roperh, C Sánchez, G Velasco & L González-Feria


  8. Molecular profiling of signet ring cell colorectal cancer provides a strong rationale for genomic targeted and immune checkpoint inhibitor therapies open

    Muhammad A Alvi, Maurice B Loughrey, Philip Dunne, Stephen McQuaid, Richard Turkington, Marc-Aurel Fuchs, Claire McGready, Victoria Bingham, Brendan Pang, Wendy Moore, Perry Maxwell, Mark Lawler, Jacqueline A James, Graeme I Murray, Richard H Wilson & Manuel Salto-Tellez


  9. Lymphoma incidence, survival and prevalence 2004–2014: sub-type analyses from the UK’s Haematological Malignancy Research Network open

    A Smith, S Crouch, S Lax, J Li, D Painter, D Howell, R Patmore, A Jack & E Roman


  10. Extreme assay sensitivity in molecular diagnostics further unveils intratumour heterogeneity in metastatic colorectal cancer as well as artifactual low-frequency mutations in the KRAS gene open

    Sara Mariani, Luca Bertero, Simona Osella-Abate, Cristiana Di Bello, Paola Francia di Celle, Vittoria Coppola, Anna Sapino, Paola Cassoni & Caterina Marchiò


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