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Buying individual articles

Buying individual articles is a fast, convenient and cost-effective solution for accessing content from journals to which your library does not have a site licence, or to which you do not subscribe. All our journal articles are available to buy individually and are delivered in PDF format for easy printing. Some articles are also available in Full-Text HTML with embedded reference links. Items purchased online will cost $25 and are available for viewing for 7 days.

To buy individual documents, first use the search function (situated on the top menu bar) to track down the document(s) you need (alternatively you can access the document via the journal's homepage). Once you have located the article(s) you require, click on the delivery format (PDF or Full-Text HTML) you require and then on "Download." You will be taken to our document delivery page and asked for your credit card details. Follow the instructions on screen to complete your purchase. All purchases generate a reference number that should be kept for future correspondence. Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5 is recommended for viewing PDF files.

Once you have found out how useful articles from Nature Publishing Group are to your research, you may find that you are using this facility on a regular basis. If this is the case it may be more cost effective to consider a personal subscription or to ensure that your library subscribes.

Should you encounter any problems with our document delivery procedure, please contact assistance@nature.com.


Buying single issues or supplements

If you wish to order a single copy of an issue or supplement please contact our Subscriptions Department.


Obtaining permissions

To obtain permission to reproduce or reuse text or /bjc/images from our journals please contact Permissions Department:
E-mail: ajpermissions@nature.com
Tel: + 44 (0) 207 843 4893
Fax: + 44 (0) 207 843 4839
Post: Nature Publishing Group, The Macmillan Building, 4 Crinan Street, London, N1 9XW UK.

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