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BJC Open article

British Journal of Cancer (2003) 89, 605–611. doi:10.1038/sj.bjc.6601120 www.bjcancer.com
Published online 12 August 2003

Survival Analysis Part III: Multivariate data analysis – choosing a model and assessing its adequacy and fit

M J Bradburn1, T G Clark1, S B Love1 and D G Altman1

1Cancer Research UK/NHS Centre for Statistics in Medicine, Institute of Health Sciences, Old Road, Oxford OX3 7LF, UK

Correspondence: Mr M Bradburn, E-mail: mike.bradburn@cancer.org.uk

Received 6 December 2002; Accepted 30 April 2003


survival analysis; Cox model; AFT model; model checking; choice of coavriates; goodness of fit