Table of Contents

Volume 117, Issue 8 (1089-1254)
Published 10 October 2017



Targeting apoptosis in acute myeloid leukaemia Open

Philippe A Cassier, Marie Castets, Amine Belhabri and Norbert Vey

Br J Cancer 117: 1089-1098; advance online publication, August 24, 2017; doi:10.1038/bjc.2017.281


Clinical Studies

First-line FOLFIRI and bevacizumab in patients with advanced colorectal cancer prospectively stratified according to serum LDH: final results of the GISCAD (Italian Group for the Study of Digestive Tract Cancers) CENTRAL (ColorEctalavastiNTRiAlLdh) trial

Riccardo Giampieri, Marco Puzzoni, Bruno Daniele, Daris Ferrari, Sara Lonardi, Alberto Zaniboni, Luigi Cavanna, Gerardo Rosati, Nicoletta Pella, Maria Giulia Zampino, Pietro Sozzi, Domenico Germano, Vittorina Zagonel, Carla Codecà, Michela Libertini, Roberto Labianca, Stefano Cascinu, The Italian Group for the Study of Gastrointestinal Cancer (GISCAD) and Mario Scartozzi

Br J Cancer 117: 1099-1104; advance online publication, September 19, 2017; doi:10.1038/bjc.2017.234

Did the addition of concurrent chemotherapy to conventional radiotherapy improve survival for patients with HPV+ve and HPV−ve Oropharynx cancer? A population-based study Open

Stephen F Hall, Fei-Fei Liu, Brian O'Sullivan, Willa Shi, Susan Rohland, Rebecca Griffiths and Patti Groome

Br J Cancer 117: 1105-1112; advance online publication, August 22, 2017; doi:10.1038/bjc.2017.275

The prevalence of unmet needs in 625 women living beyond a diagnosis of early breast cancer

Marta Capelan, Nicolò Matteo Luca Battisti, Anne McLoughlin, Vivienne Maidens, Nikki Snuggs, Patrycja Slyk, Clare Peckitt and Alistair Ring

Br J Cancer 117: 1113-1120; advance online publication, August 31, 2017; doi:10.1038/bjc.2017.283

A cluster randomised feasibility study of an adolescent incentive intervention to increase uptake of HPV vaccination Open

Alice S Forster, Victoria Cornelius, Lauren Rockliffe, Laura AV Marlow, Helen Bedford and Jo Waller

Br J Cancer 117: 1121-1127; advance online publication, August 22, 2017; doi:10.1038/bjc.2017.284


Translational Therapeutics

Nintedanib selectively inhibits the activation and tumour-promoting effects of fibroblasts from lung adenocarcinoma patients Open

M Gabasa, R Ikemori, F Hilberg, N Reguart and J Alcaraz

Br J Cancer 117: 1128-1138; advance online publication, September 12, 2017; doi:10.1038/bjc.2017.270

SGK1 inhibition induces autophagy-dependent apoptosis via the mTOR-Foxo3a pathway Open

Weiwei Liu, Xuchu Wang, Zhenping Liu, Yiyun Wang, Binbin Yin, Pan Yu, Xiuzhi Duan, Zhaoping Liao, Yuhua Chen, Chunhua Liu, Xiang Li, Yibei Dai and Zhihua Tao

Br J Cancer 117: 1139-1153; advance online publication, August 24, 2017; doi:10.1038/bjc.2017.293

SKLB188 inhibits the growth of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma by suppressing EGFR signalling

Mansoureh Barzegar, Shuang Ma, Chao Zhang, Xin Chen, Ying Gu, Chaowei Shang, Xiaojuan Jiang, Jiao Yang, Cherie-Ann Nathan, Shengyong Yang and Shile Huang

Br J Cancer 117: 1154-1163; advance online publication, September 5, 2017; doi:10.1038/bjc.2017.298


Molecular Diagnostics

FMNL2 destabilises COMMD10 to activate NF-κB pathway in invasion and metastasis of colorectal cancer

S S Yang, X M Li, M Yang, X L Ren, J L Hu, X H Zhu, F F Wang, Z C Zeng, J Y Li, Z Q Cheng, W T Liao, Y Q Ding, J Guan and L Liang

Br J Cancer 117: 1164-1175; advance online publication, August 17, 2017; doi:10.1038/bjc.2017.260

Rho-GTPase activating-protein 18: a biomarker associated with good prognosis in invasive breast cancer

Mohammed A Aleskandarany, Sultan Sonbul, Rachel Surridge, Abhik Mukherjee, Carlos Caldas, Maria Diez-Rodriguez, Ibraheem Ashankyty, Khalil I Albrahim, Ahmed M Elmouna, Ritu Aneja, Stewart G Martin, Ian O Ellis, Andrew R Green and Emad A Rakha

Br J Cancer 117: 1176-1184; advance online publication, August 22, 2017; doi:10.1038/bjc.2017.261

One-step nucleic acid amplification assay is an accurate technique for sentinel lymph node biopsy of breast cancer patients: a meta-analysis

Fang Shi, Qian Zhang, Zhenzhen Liang, Mengmeng Zhang and Xin Liu

Br J Cancer 117: 1185-1191; advance online publication, August 10, 2017; doi:10.1038/bjc.2017.262

MDM2 promotes epithelial–mesenchymal transition and metastasis of ovarian cancer SKOV3 cells

Ying Chen, Dan-Dan Wang, Ye-Ping Wu, Dan Su, Tian-Yi Zhou, Ren-Hua Gai, Ying-Ying Fu, Lin Zheng, Qiao-Jun He, Hong Zhu and Bo Yang

Br J Cancer 117: 1192-1201; advance online publication, August 17, 2017; doi:10.1038/bjc.2017.265

Dynamic plasma microRNAs are biomarkers for prognosis and early detection of recurrence in colorectal cancer

Zixu Yuan, Kelsey Baker, Mary W Redman, Lei Wang, Scott V Adams, Ming Yu, Brandon Dickinson, Karen Makar, Neli Ulrich, Jürgen Böhm, Michelle Wurscher, Maria Westerhoff, Steve Medwell, Ravi Moonka, Mika Sinanan, Alessandro Fichera, Kathy Vickers and William M Grady

Br J Cancer 117: 1202-1210; advance online publication, August 15, 2017; doi:10.1038/bjc.2017.266


Genetics & Genomics

Associations of Helicobacter pylori infection and chronic atrophic gastritis with accelerated epigenetic ageing in older adults

Xu Gao, Yan Zhang and Hermann Brenner

Br J Cancer 117: 1211-1214; advance online publication, September 12, 2017; doi:10.1038/bjc.2017.314

Evidence for genetic association between chromosome 1q loci and predisposition to colorectal neoplasia Open

Stephanie A Schubert, Dina Ruano, Fadwa A Elsayed, Arnoud Boot, Stijn Crobach, Arantza Farina Sarasqueta, Bruce Wolffenbuttel, Melanie M van der Klauw, Jan Oosting, Carli M Tops, Ronald van Eijk, Hans FA Vasen, Rolf HAM Vossen, Maartje Nielsen, Sergi Castellví-Bel, Clara Ruiz-Ponte, Ian Tomlinson, Malcolm G Dunlop, Pavel Vodicka, Juul T Wijnen, Frederik J Hes, Hans Morreau, Noel FCC de Miranda, Rolf H Sijmons and Tom van Wezel

Br J Cancer 117: 1215-1223; advance online publication, July 25, 2017; doi:10.1038/bjc.2017.240



Smoking cessation and survival in lung, upper aero-digestive tract and bladder cancer: cohort study Open

C Koshiaris, P Aveyard, J Oke, R Ryan, L Szatkowski, R Stevens and A Farley

Br J Cancer 117: 1224-1232; advance online publication, September 12, 2017; doi:10.1038/bjc.2017.179

Cardiovascular disease risk and androgen deprivation therapy in patients with localised prostate cancer: a prospective cohort study

Reina Haque, Marianne UlcickasYood, Xiaoqing Xu, Andrea E Cassidy-Bushrow, Huei-Ting Tsai, Nancy L Keating, Stephen K Van Den Eeden and Arnold L Potosky

Br J Cancer 117: 1233-1240; advance online publication, August 24, 2017; doi:10.1038/bjc.2017.280

Circulating resistin levels and risk of multiple myeloma in three prospective cohorts

Loredana Santo, Lauren R Teras, Graham G Giles, Stephanie J Weinstein, Demetrius Albanes, Ye Wang, Ruth M Pfeiffer, Qing Lan, Nathaniel Rothman, Brenda M Birmann, Graham A Colditz, Michael N Pollak, Mark P Purdue and Jonathan N Hofmann

Br J Cancer 117: 1241-1245; advance online publication, August 22, 2017; doi:10.1038/bjc.2017.282

Occupational solvent exposure and risk of glioma in the INTEROCC study

Geza Benke, Michelle C Turner, Sarah Fleming, Jordi Figuerola, Laurel Kincl, Lesley Richardson, Maria Blettner, Martine Hours, Daniel Krewski, David McLean, Marie-Elise Parent, Siegal Sadetzki, Klaus Schlaefer, Brigitte Schlehofer, Jack Siemiatycki, Martie van Tongeren and Elisabeth Cardis

Br J Cancer 117: 1246-1254; advance online publication, September 14, 2017; doi:10.1038/bjc.2017.285