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The top ten charts the articles that have been downloaded most often, in HTML format, from the British Dental Journal website in recent weeks. The chart does not rank the quality, scientific significance or citation impact of the content. However, it may bring articles to your attention that you might not have otherwise noticed. We hope you enjoy them.

  1. Practice

    Methods of data collection in qualitative research: interviews and focus groups

    P. Gill, K. Stewart, E. Treasure & B. Chadwick


  2. Practice

    Maxillary sinus disease: diagnosis and treatment

    G. W. Bell, B. B. Joshi & R. I. Macleod


  3. Opinion

    A change in the NICE guidelines on antibiotic prophylaxis

    M. H. Thornhill, M. Dayer, P. B. Lockhart, M. McGurk, D. Shanson, B. Prendergast & J. B. Chambers


  4. Practice

    A practical guide to endodontic access cavity preparation in molar teeth

    S. Patel & J. Rhodes


  5. Practice

    Endodontics: Part 4 Morphology of the root canal system

    P Carrotte


  6. Practice

    Endodontics: Part 5 Basic instruments and materials for root canal treatment

    P Carrotte


  7. Practice

    Endodontics: Part 3 Treatment of endodontic emergencies

    P Carrotte


  8. Practice

    Analysing and presenting qualitative data

    P. Burnard, P. Gill, K. Stewart, E. Treasure & B. Chadwick


  9. Practice

    Cocaine and oral health

    H. S. Brand, S. Gonggrijp & C. J. Blanksma


  10. Opinion

    Grenfell Tower fire – a tragic case study in health inequalities

    R. G. Watt


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