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British Dental Journal 195, 112 (2003)
Published online: 26 July 2003 | doi:10.1038/sj.bdj.4810386

New toothpaste

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A toothpaste containing perlite claims to polish teeth to a high lustre and clean teeth effectively, removing surface stains without causing damage either to the tooth structure or to the soft tissue.

Cleanicdent contains a naturally occurring organic compound called perlite. The perlite low abrasive particles gradually reduce in size under the pressure of the toothbrush, using an integrated variable abrasion mode, which allows the first stage of cleaning and surface stain removal followed by a high gloss polishing action.

Plaque and stains will take longer to accumulate on the polished teeth, resulting in a cleaner and fresher mouth.

Patients must first smear the Cleanicdent over the teeth and then begin brushing. This ensures that all teeth are first cleaned and then polished as the toothpaste breaks down.

Cleanicdent will only be available to patients through dental practices in packs of eight Cleanicdent tubes. Each pack is supplied complete with a display stand and patient leaflets.

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