Figure 4 : Immune responses enhanced by stress.

From: The Final (Oral Ebola) Vaccine Trial on Captive Chimpanzees?

Figure 4

ELISA optical densities (OD) of EBOV GP-specific IgG (left column) and RABV-specific IgG (right column) were correlated with three well-known correlates of acute stress (A,B) serum glucose, (C,D) WBC, and (E,F) Alkaline phosphatase (ALP). R2 and p value in each plot are for univariate least squares regression of each stress correlate versus Day 28 IgG OD at 1:150 dilution. Note that IM vaccinated chimpanzees (blue circles) tended to exhibit higher values for all stress correlates. Because of correlation between stress variables, multivariate stepwise regression was used to test for independent effects of WBC, glucose, and ALP on IgG OD (see main text for results).