Figure 3 : The Bioavailability Radar enables a first glance at the drug-likeness of a molecule.

From: SwissADME: a free web tool to evaluate pharmacokinetics, drug-likeness and medicinal chemistry friendliness of small molecules

Figure 3

The pink area represents the optimal range for each properties (lipophilicity: XLOGP3 between −0.7 and +5.0, size: MW between 150 and 500 g/mol, polarity: TPSA between 20 and 130 Å2, solubility: log S not higher than 6, saturation: fraction of carbons in the sp3 hybridization not less than 0.25, and flexibility: no more than 9 rotatable bonds. In this example, the compound is predicted not orally bioavailable, because too flexible and too polar.