Table 1: Genomes of Symbiodinium microadriaticum, Symbiodinium minutum, and Symbiodinium kawagutii.

From: Genomes of coral dinoflagellate symbionts highlight evolutionary adaptations conducive to a symbiotic lifestyle

  Symbiodinium microadriaticumSymbiodinium minutumSymbiodinium kawagutii
GenomeGenome file usedv1.0v1.0 (Jun 2013)Nov 2015
Total scaffold length (bp)808,242,489609,476,485935,067,369
Scaffold N50 (bp)573,512125,226380,908
Total contig length (bp)746,043,463603,743,338902,990,605
Contig N50 (bp)34,88362,71447,143
GC content, N excluded (%)50.543.545.5
GenesNumber of genes49,10941,92536,850
Mean gene length (bp)12,89811,9613,788
Gene models with EST support (%)76.377.2^72.8*
ExonsMean coding region length (bp)2,3892,0271,041
Number of exons per gene21.819.94.1
Mean length (bp)109.5101.7255.7
Total length (Mb)117.385.038.4
IntronsGenes with introns (%)98.295.464.1
Mean length (bp)504.7516.6893.4
Total length (Mb)516.1410.1101.2
Predominant first two nucleotides at donor splice sitesGC/GT/GAGT/GC/GAGT/GC
IntergenicAverage length (bp)3,6332,25318,035
Unidirectional arrangement of genesYesYes^Yes
  1. ^Data from Shoguchi et al.10.
  2. *Data from Lin et al.11.