Figure 4 : Reproducibility and stability of the ImmunoSkew score in HER2 breast cancer subtype.

From: Biopsy variability of lymphocytic infiltration in breast cancer subtypes and the ImmunoSkew score

Figure 4

(A) Kaplan-Meier curves to illustrate disease-specific survival of patients with high versus low ImmunoSkew score in HER2 subtype for the Discovery cohort and Validation cohort. Shown in legend is the number of patients (the number of disease-specific events) per group. (B) Increased stability in the prognostic significance of ImmunoSkew scores with progressively more TMA cores. Red vertical dash line marks 48 TMA cores and black horizontal dash line marks 90% frequency. (C) An example tumour with high ImmunoSkew score as a result of high skewness in the distribution of core-based lymphocyte ratio. (D) An H&E image and corresponding cell distribution map from a tumour with high ImmunoSkew score.