Figure 3 : Various visualizations of the evolved communication output ωout.

From: On The Evolutionary Origin of Symbolic Communication

Figure 3

(a) Neighbouring robots determine relative y positions via their ωout/in (i.e., dialogue) values oscillating between the two separate regions shown here. The ωout/in of the robot with the higher y value will settle in the left region (resulting in a higher ωout), while the other settles in the right region (resulting in a lower ωout), thus “deciding” relative north/south robot position. (b) As the two robots approach a common y position (the nonlinear part of these plots), the robot with the smaller x position will see the magnitude of its ωout increase faster than that of its neighbour, which in turn forces the neighbour’s ωout back towards linear behaviour, thus “deciding” their relative east/west position.