Figure 3 : Teleconnections between the climate over the Kerguelen and conditions in the surrounding oceans.

From: Atmospheric drying as the main driver of dramatic glacier wastage in the southern Indian Ocean

Figure 3

The correlation coefficient (R) was computed between December and March (DJFM) HadSST2 mean Sea Surface Temperature and DJFM mean local atmospheric temperature (a,e) and precipitation (b,f) observed at Kerguelen. (c,g) same as previous panels except for the correlation between ERA40 precipitation from the pixel including Kerguelen Islands and ERA40 surface latent heat flux during DJFM. Surface latent heat flux is negative when evaporation occurs. (d,h) Same as previous panels but between daily moisture anomalies and daily SAM anomalies during the winter accumulation season (from June to August). Anomalies were computed after removing the seasonal cycles and the data autocorrelation was removed to calculate the significance level. In (d,h) the correlations were multiplied by four to fit the color scale. Long term trends were removed from all the time series. Correlation maps are before 1975 (a–d) and after 1975 (d–g). Pixels for which the correlation is significant at 95% are in squared and crossed areas. Pixels for which the correlation is significant at less than 90% are not shown. The Kerguelen Islands are located inside the green circle. Maps were generated using Matlab R2011b (