Figure 2 : Representation of two solutions of minimum weights.

From: A Combinatorial Algorithm for Microbial Consortia Synthetic Design

Figure 2

The circles are compounds. Black hyperarcs are endogenous reactions, that is reactions already present in the organisms forming the consortium, while purple-dashed hyperarcs are the reactions that were inserted. Green arcs represent the transport of pyruvate from Streptomyces cattleya to Methanosarcina barkeri and of 2-oxoadipate from M. barkeri to S. cattleya. The widths of the arcs are proportional to the assigned weights. Grey-dashed arcs represent an alternative path of endogenous reactions in the upper part of glycolysis. Hence, the second solution uses this path instead of the one just below to link β-D-glucose to D-glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate.