Table 3: Description of the Neandertal bone retouchers from Goyet using the criteria of Mallye et al. 40 and Daujeard et al. 41.

From: Neandertal cannibalism and Neandertal bones used as tools in Northern Europe

  Femur III anterior areaFemur III medial areaTibia III posterior areaTibia IV posterior areaTibia V medial area
AreaLength (mm)14.619.211.417.020.9
Width (mm)
Preparatory scrapingnonononono
Morphology (if concentrated and superposed traces)hatchedhatched
MarksOrientation (to the long axis of the fragment)obliquetransversetransversetransversetransverse, slightly oblique
Concentrationdispersedconcentrated and superposeddisperseddispersedconcentrated and superposed
Morphologyrectilinear - smoothrectilinear - roughrectilinear - smoothrectilinear - smooth and roughrectilinear - smooth