Figure 2 : Comparison between Greenland climate and key 14C and 10Be datasets across GS-1.

From: Punctuated Shutdown of Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation during Greenland Stadial 1

Figure 2

Greenland δ18O (A)19 with the age range for YD as reported from western Europe8 (B), recalibrated ages for freshwater fluxes from the St Lawrence River4 (C), atmospheric radiocarbon datasets21,22,24,29 (D), Cariaco radiocarbon datasets (marine reservoir corrected) expressed as Δ14C (ref. 31) (E), and 10Be flux in the Greenland ice core46 (F). Dark grey columns denote significant slowdown/shutdown of AMOC within GS-1 (divergence between atmospheric and Atlantic marine 14C ages >2 sigma); light grey columns identify peaks in Δ14C with possible peaks (numbered) in ice core 10Be (ref. 46). All error bars denote 1σ.