Figure 3 : Premaxillary and maxillary teeth of FPDM-V8461.

From: A bizarre theropod from the Early Cretaceous of Japan highlighting mosaic evolution among coelurosaurians

Figure 3

(a) Isolated anteriormost? premaxillary tooth in lateral (left) and posterior (right) views. (b) Enlarged view of the crown in (a) lateral (left), anterior (middle), and posterior (right) views. (c) Crown of an isolated left premaxillary tooth in distal (left), lateral (middle), mesial (right) views with an enlarged view of the mesial “ridge” (red box). (d) Intact left maxillary teeth in lateral view arranged as those in Fig. 2b. Scale bar = 10 mm for (a,d), 7.5 mm for (b), and 12.5 mm for (c).