Figure 5: Hindlimb and feathers of Chongmingia zhengi gen. et sp. nov. (STM9-9).

From: A new basal bird from China with implications for morphological diversity in early birds

Figure 5

(a) Pubis; (b) left femur; (c) right tibiotarsus; (d) photograph and (e) line drawing of the distal right tibiotarsus and the proximal left tarsometatarsus; (f) photograph and (g) line drawing of the left foot; (h) preserved distal portions of the left wing (the white dash line indicating the rachis). Abbreviations: ca, caudal vertebrae; d II–IV, digit II, III and IV; fh, femoral head; ga, gastralia; lc lateral condyle; lf, left femur; lma, left tarsometatarsus; lv, leading vane; mc, medial condyle; mt II–V, metatarsal II, III, IV and V; pu, pubis; ra, rachis; rt, right tibiotarsus; tv, trailing vane. Scale bars, 10 mm (a–d,f,h). (The photographs and line drawings were taken by Min Wang).