Figure 2 : Pectoral girdle of Chongmingia zhengi gen. et sp. nov. (STM9-9), in comparison with other basal avialans.

From: A new basal bird from China with implications for morphological diversity in early birds

Figure 2

(a) Furcula of STM9-9 in cranial view; (b) the right scapulocoracoid of STM9-9 in medial view; (c) photograph and (d) line drawing of the right scapulocoracoid of STM9-9 in close-up view; (e–j) line drawing of the pectoral girdles of other basal avialans (not scaled): (e) Archaeopteryx (after ref. 7); (f) Jeholornis prima; (g) Sapeornis chaoyangensis; (h) Confuciusornis sanctus; (i) Archaeorhynchus spathula; (j) Parabohaiornis martini. Abbreviations: co, coracoid; fu, furcula; hy, hypocleidium; sc, scapula; so, scapulocoracoid. Scale bars, 10 mm (a–c). (The photographs and line drawings were taken by Min Wang).