Figure 1 : Sequence chromatograms showing the cSNP position in a number of Fraxinus species.

From: Molecular markers for tolerance of European ash (Fraxinus excelsior) to dieback disease identified using Associative Transcriptomics

Figure 1

Gene_22343_Predicted_mRNA_scaffold3139:2378 was assayed by PCR and Sanger sequencing directly from the cDNA of both susceptible and tolerant Danish F. excelsior accessions, as well as the moderately tolerant species F. mariesii, and the extremely tolerant species F. mandshurica, F. americana and F. ornus. The “G” base is either not present at all in F. excelsior, or at a low level compared to the “A” base. In contrast, the “G” base is prevalent in the more resistant species, with only a low level of the “A” base being detected in the moderately tolerant F. mariesii.