Figure 2: Box plots for the body ownership related questions by condition (Table 1).

From: Conversations between self and self as Sigmund Freud—A virtual body ownership paradigm for self counselling

Figure 2

The medians are shown as the thick horizontal lines, and the boxes are the interquartile ranges (IQR). The whiskers extend from L = max(p25−1.5 × IQR, x1) to U = min(p75 + 1.5 × IQR, xn), where p25, p75 are the 25th and 75th percentiles respectively, and x1 and xn are the smallest and largest data points respectively. Points outside this range are shown individually. Async and Sync refer to the asynchronous and synchronous virtual body movements, and Self and Freud refer to the counsellor virtual bodies. n = 10 for Async & Freud, n = 12 for each of the other two conditions.