Figure 2 : Illustrations of tilt series and sample reconstructions.

From: Nanomaterial datasets to advance tomography in scanning transmission electron microscopy

Figure 2

(a) Sample image from tiltser_180.tif. Mixed 3D volume/isosurface visualizations of recon_180.tif show exterior of fibre, with nanoparticles visible on exterior, and hollow interior of nanofibre, containing nanoparticles. (b) Sample image from tiltser_PtNP.tif. Mixed 3D volume/isosurface visualization of recon_PtNP.tif and volume visualization of 3D Fourier transform of recon_PtNP.tif, showing platinum reciprocal lattice spots. (c) Sample image from tiltser_W.tif. Mixed 3D volume and isosurface visualization of recon_W.tif and of the 3D Fourier transform (cropped) of recon_W.tif, showing tungsten reciprocal lattice spots. All 3D visualizations produced using tomviz.