Table 1: Data labels and description for metadata file (lakeinformation.csv).

From: A global database of lake surface temperatures collected by in situ and satellite methods from 1985–2009

Data label Description Proportion of lakes for which data were
available or estimated based
on calculations or maps
Lake_name Lake name as provided by the contributor. In the case where a lake name appears multiple times (followed by a period and additional text), this represents multiple sites within that lake. 100%
Other_names Some lakes may have additional names, based on borders shared between countries, differences in spellings, or alternative names found when locating the lakes on Google Earth. (49 lakes) 17%
lake_or_reservoir Whether a water body is classified as a lake or as reservoir/dam. 100%
location Country or countries along the shoreline. 100%
region Geographic region of the world. 100%
latitude Latitude coordinates in decimal degrees. For in situ-sampled lakes, these were frequently derived from Google Earth or from a shoreline location. 100%
longitude Longitude coordinates in decimal degrees. For in situ-sampled lakes, these were frequently derived from Google Earth or from a shoreline location. 100%
geospatial accuracy_km Estimate of the accuracy of the latitude and longitude point. For satellite-sampled lakes, accuracy of the georeferencing is roughly 0.5 km for the ATSR series of instruments and about 2 km for the AVHRR series; because these series are combined, 2 km is listed in the database. Only lakes that exhibited a 10×10 km area of pure water surface were used to ensure that inaccuracies in georeferencing would not introduce any contamination by land surfaces. For in situ-sampled lakes, in most cases the coordinates reflect the general lake or a shoreline location and may not necessarily reflect the exact water temperature sampling location. 100%
elevation Elevation of the water level. 100%
mean_depth_m Mean depth of the lake. 93%
max_depth_m Maximum depth of the lake. 95%
surface_area_km2 Surface area of the lake. 100%
volume_km3 Volume of the lake. 93%
source Whether surface water temperature is derived from in situ or satellite measurements 100%
sampling_depth The water depth at which temperature measurements were taken. Skin-derived bulk temperature is approximately equivalent to 1 m depth. 100%
sampling_time_of_day Time of the day during which temperature measurements were taken. In general, in situ sampling was done during the day (8:00–16:00) while satellite measurements were most commonly done between 1:00 and 4:00. Measurements were made with automated systems, such as buoys, are listed as ‘continuous’. 100%
time_period The 3-month period during which data was averaged to create a summer surface water temperature, using abbreviations from the first letter of each month’s name. This period also coincides with summer data for the meteorological variables associated with the lake. 100%
contributor Names and contact information for people who contributed the data. 100%