Figure 1 : Centennial Trend station locations and standard errors.

From: The Centennial Trends Greater Horn of Africa precipitation dataset

Figure 1

(ac) Centennial Trend (red circles) and GPCC (blue squares) station locations for 2006–2010, 2001–2005, 1996–2000. Symbols are plotted when the location reports for four out of five years. In 2006–2010 the CenTrends (GPCC) data set had 276 (50) observations. In 2001–2005 there were 333 (159) observations. In 1996–2000 there were 404 (187) observations. (d) Kriging variogram for March-June e. 1900–2014 average standard errors, expressed as percentages of the 1900–2014 seasonal CenTrends mean fields.