Figure 3 : EM and 3D reconstructions from the volume that surrounds an oblique dendritic branch (named d03).

From: A resource from 3D electron microscopy of hippocampal neuropil for user training and tool development

Figure 3

(a) Sample EM illustrating a single section plane with spiny dendrites (yellow), excitatory axons (green), an inhibitory axon (pink), synapses (red), and astroglia (light blue). (b) 3D reconstruction of all objects traced in the oblique dendrite volume. (c) 3D of the oblique dendrite (d03, yellow) encased in the surrounding translucent cylindrical volume, its excitatory (red) and one inhibitory (blue) synapses. (d) 3Ds of all unmyelinated excitatory axons (green), unmyelinated inhibitory axons (pink), and a myelinated axon (purple) that entered this volume. (e) 3Ds of all spiny dendritic segments (yellow). (f) All excitatory (red) and inhibitory (blue) synapses in the volume. (g) 3D of all the astroglial processes (light blue) and a myelin sheath (purple). Cylinder is 4 microns in diameter and scale cube is 1 μm3.