Table 2: Sexual system database ontology in Animals.

From: Tree of Sex: A database of sexual systems

Trait States
Sexual system (as in Table 1 a)
Genotypic (sex determination) (as in Table 1)
Karyotype (as in Table 1)
Molecular basis (as in Table 1)
Chromosome number (female) (integer number)
Chromosome number (male) (integer number)
Predicted ploidy 1,2,3,4
Haplodiploidy (sex determination) Arrhenotoky, paternal genome elimination, other
Environmental (sex determination) TSD, TSD Ia, TSD Ib, TSD II, size, density, pH, ESD_otherb
Polyfactorial (sex determination) Yes, no
  1. aIn animals, gonochorous is used in place of dioecy.
  2. bTSD: general term when reaction norm with temperature is not specified. TSD Ia: males produced at low temperatures and females at high temperature. TSD Ib: females produced at low temperatures and males at high temperature. TSD II: females produced at low and high temperatures, males produced at intermediate values.