Table 1: Modern human complete mtDNA genomes from Finland (N = 843).

From: Identification and analysis of mtDNA genomes attributed to Finns reveal long-stagnant demographic trends obscured in the total diversity

N Reference GenBank ID numbers Origin
93 24 n/a n/a
192 19 AY339402–AY339593 Northern Ostrobothnia, central Ostrobothnia, Kainuu, and northern Savo
94 23 Supplementary Table S1 n/a
293 22 Supplementary Table S1 Tampere
64 21 JX171077–JX171140 Northern Finland
79 20 KC763372–KC763450 Northern Ostrobothnia
28 *,**43, 68 AY195779*, JF837819**, EU753433, EU784076, FJ543390, FJ801039, GQ176284, GU206811, GU391321, GU949563, HM116534, HM856585, HQ022823, HQ658464, HQ840516, JF298814, JF813785, JF813786, JF903928, JQ086344, KF466256, KF631316, KM213522, KP782041, KR779775, KR712271, KR919601, KR902539 n/a