Figure 1 : Time-series polarimetry.

From: Polarimetric evidence of a white dwarf pulsar in the binary system AR Scorpii

Figure 1

Red-band (570–900 nm) photopolarimetry of AR Sco taken on 14 March 2016. The top panel shows the total intensity, in 1-s bins, while the remaining three panels show, respectively, total polarized flux (s), degree of linear polarization (p), position angle of linear polarization (θ) and the degree of circular polarization (V/I), all with 10-s bins. Counts in the top two panels are per time bin, and error bars are 1σ. The data cover orbital phase interval ϕ = 0.10−0.23, and the gap is when a background measurement was obtained. BJD, barycentric Julian date.