Table 1: Specification of the MAJORICA database

From: Predictors of cost-effectiveness of selected COPD treatments in primary care: UNLOCK study protocol

Variable Specification
Type of database
 Electronic Medical Record Yes
 Claims Yes
Country/countries of data origin Balearics, Spain
Number of patients 68,578
Patients with asthma diagnosis (ICD-9: 493) 45,800
Patients with COPD diagnosis (ICD-9: 491, 492, 496) 27,871
Patients with asthma and COPD diagnosis (ICD-9: 493 and (491. 492, 496)) 5,093
Data collection (period) 2011–2014
Unique identifier/anonymisation Yes
Ethical approval Yes
Coding system diseases
 ICD-9, ICD-10, read ICD-9
Patient demographics
 Gender Yes
 Age Yes
 BMI Yes
Physician demographics
 Gender Yes
 Age Yes
 Setting (urban/rural) Yes
 Coding ATC-7
 Prescribed, dispensed, both Dispensed
 Drugs available All R03
 Dose/dosing Yes
 Device No
 OTC medications No
 Inhaler technique No
 Influenza, Pneumococcal Yes
  Steroids Yes
  Antibiotics Yes
  SABA Yes
  Exacerbations (ICD-9 code) Yes
 Health resource utilisation
  Primary care consultations Yes
  Secondary care consultations Yes
  Consultations coded by disease Yes
  Consultations coded by routine/emergency Yes
  Hospitalisations Yes
  Hospitalisations coded by disease Yes
  Hospitalisation duration Yes
  Emergency room Yes
  ICU Yes
  ICU coded by disease Yes
  ICU duration Yes
  Rehabilitation No
  Physiotherapy No
  mMRC Yes
  Asthma (ACQ, ACT) ACT score
  COPD (CCQ, CAT) CAT score
 Side effects
  Pneumonias Yes
 Work absence
  All cause Yes
  Respiratory specific Yes
  Diabetes Yes
  Cardiovascular diseases  
  Hypertension Yes
  Cardiac insufficiency  
  Atrial fibrillation  
  Cor pulmonale  
  Allergic rhinitis Yes
  Cerebrovascular disease Yes
  Osteoporosis Yes
  Sleep apnoea Yes
  Nasal polyps No
  Depression/anxiety Yes
  Reflux (GERD) Yes
  Chronic kidney disease Yes
  Lung Cancer Yes
  Cognitive dysfunction No
 Risk score
  Cardiovascular risk score Yes
  Smoking status Yes
  Smoking years Yes
 Socioeconomic status
  Post code No
  Education level No
  Employment status Yes
  Salary range No
  FEV1/FVC, FEV1%pred, reversibility Yes
 Laboratory tests
  Full blood count, FeNO, IgE and so on No
  CRX Performed Y/N
  HRCT Performed Y/N
  1. Abbreviations: ACT, asthma control test; ATC, anatomical therapeutic chemical; BMI, body mass index; CAT, COPD Assessment Test; CRX, chest X-ray; FEV, forced expiratory volume; FVC, forced vital capacity; GERD, gastroesophageal reflux disease; HRCT, high-resolution computed tomography; ICD, International Classification of Diseases; ICU, intensive care unit; mMRC, modified Medical Research Council; N, no; OTC, over the counter; SABA, short-acting beta agonists; Y, yes.