Figure 2 : A reformatted view of the tree in Fig. 1in which each major lineage represents the same amount of evolutionary distance.

From: A new view of the tree of life

Figure 2

The threshold for groups (coloured wedges) was an average branch length of <0.65 substitutions per site. Notably, some well-accepted phyla become single groups and others are split into multiple distinct groups. We undertook this analysis to provide perspective on the structure of the tree, and do not propose the resulting groups to have special taxonomic status. The massive scale of diversity in the CPR and the large fraction of major lineages that lack isolated representatives (red dots) are apparent from this analysis. Bootstrap support values are indicated by circles on nodes—black for support of 85% and above, grey for support from 50 to 84%. The complete ribosomal protein tree is available in rectangular format with full bootstrap values as Supplementary Fig. 1 and in Newick format in Supplementary Dataset 2.