Figure 2 : Phylogenetic structure of the global Lm data set.

From: Whole genome-based population biology and epidemiological surveillance of Listeria monocytogenes

Figure 2

a, Phylogeny of the four phylogenetic lineages (I, red; II, orange; III, green; IV, blue). Representative isolates of the four lineages were used to determine the location of the root, using L. innocua and L. marthii as outgroups. The tree was obtained using FastME on the p-distance of the 1,748 concatenated alignments. b, Comparison of the phylogeny obtained from 1,748 recombination-purged sequence alignments (left) and from cgMLST allelic profile distances (right). To reduce redundancy, only one strain per outbreak set was used. Scale bars indicate the percentage of nucleotide substitutions (a right and b left) and the percentage of allelic mismatches (b right). For practical reasons, bootstrap values (based on 500 replicates) are shown only for long internal branches.